A Note To My Dear Readers

I remember going on school excursions and then later when I grew up, visited forts and palaces from the hostel and each time I had a unique experience to share with my near and dear ones. In those days there wasn’t any mobile or for that matter social media. The easiest thing would be to get hold of a postcard with a picture of that place and adjacent to it, there would be a blank space to pen down some precious memories of my travels to my loved ones.

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Similarly, my parents and friends would send me postcards from their travel destinations. Every Friday postcards & letters of the hostelites would be neatly placed on a table in the dining hall. I would wait for the entire week to pick up my postcard from the small table in one corner of that hall. It was indeed the most exciting and enjoyable activity for me.


As I continue to travel to palaces, forts, cities, villages, seas, hills, mountains and valleys, I plan to send a virtual postcard every Friday to my lovely readers. Of course nothing will ever replace the warmth of a handwritten letter.


Let there be a scribble about the beautiful sunset by the sea; a cloud passing over a mountain; interesting shells found on some shore in a faraway land.


Sometimes little joys of life can be found in the most ordinary and old fashioned things like this one in a world of technology which has surely exceeded our humanity.


After so many years, I shall once again be eagerly waiting for a Friday to come every week so that I can send a postcard to each one of you, my dear readers.


Often I do not have a planned itinerary with me. Most of the time I do not know where I am heading till the last moment, yet I am somehow sure you are coming with me, won’t you? So, until we meet again, keep smiling and take care. See you on Friday.

Footprints In The Sands Of Time