Hi! I’m Diya:)

A warm welcome to my memory lane. Please allow me to introduce myself. Well, I was born in the heart of Kolkata and grew up in a very protective family environment. As my father changed jobs from time to time, we too tagged along and hopped to different parts of India, yet life was more or less the same everywhere. Someone waiting at the door to drop me to school; another person would take me to the park; someone else would help me cross the road and so on and so forth. Therefore, I became all the more curious to discover what lay beyond the walls of our house; the doors of our car and the gates of my school/college campus.

Of course my parents made sure that we went on vacation at least once a year. I still remember being super excited packing my suitcase; not going to bed; instead checking the time by the clock every now and then until it was time for us to leave for the airport or the railway station. Thereafter, I have never looked back. Traversing through cities and villages, I have discovered and am still unfolding new landscapes, cultures, festivals and friends – have been a wanderlust throughout. With camera in one hand & a pen in the other; mobile feet & a curious heart; my wanderings have become as frequent as my breathing and my nomadic soul has turned into a storyteller long time ago.

I love escaping into the wilderness – be it up on the hills; in the midst of a paddy field; by the bay; trudging along the muddy lanes of a remote village; waking up to a sunrise or watching the sun kissing the ocean – am always surrounded by scenic beauties.

Ladies & gentlemen, boys & girls, welcome aboard. Please fasten your seat belts as we drive down the memory lane embarking on a thrilling journey of travels, tales, people and adventures; of the countryside, distant lands, ancient temples; in the midst of timeless allures of ruins; cruising on the river; crossing a stream; lost in a desert; camping in the middle of a forest or simply basking under the banyan tree; of inspirational personalities; out of the ordinary cuisines; of very talented but nameless weavers & artists and their dying art. Well, the journey is endless; the roads are bad at times; destinations unknown; trips unplanned; yet the joy of waking up to a new world has always been an exciting experience for me, away from the mundane life. Here’s wishing one and all a very HAPPY JOURNEY.