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Postcard From Kerala: Munnar - Part 2

Hello my dear friends, I am still in the land of misty and romantic hills; in the beautiful tea gardens; on its undulating terrain breathing fresh air and sipping aromatic tea. I am in love with this place to be honest.


We get up in the morning everyday; take a walk by this lake in Munnar – a lifetime experience. Please do not forget to carry your umbrella or raincoat during the rainy season.


Our morning walk

Elephant Camp


There are some elephant camps near Munnar and I am in for a pleasant surprise to find the elephants well taken care of. You can go for an elephant ride, bathe them, feed them and also click pictures with them. Online bookings are available.


In Kerala, it is very common to find elephants in temples, believed to bring fortune and good luck. Their presence also attracts the tourists.


Most of the festivals of Kerala include processions led by beautifully decorated elephants.

Folk Arts of Kerala


We also visited a cultural centre and headed straight to the makeup room. The facial makeup of artists who perform various types of dances here are so typical and elaborate. The artist who guides this makeup is called Chouttikkaran.


There are 50 or so folk arts of Kerala. Most popular one is Kathakali, classical dance – culmination of opera, ballet, masque & pantomime, originated about 500 years ago. Theyyam, sacred ritual dance performed to glorify goddess Kaali. Koodiyattam is a temple art and probably the only surviving form of the traditional presentation of Sanskrit drama. Mohiniyattam, dance form with elements of Bharathnatyam & Odissi dances. Chakyar Koothu, an old dance form performed by the people of Chakyar caste. Ottanthullal is performed during temple festivals. The other popular traditional dances are Krishnanattam & Thiruvathirakali.
Artists wear colourful attires & ornaments; faces painted. This helps to identify their characters, moods, expressions, gestures & movements. Kerala surely represents the heritage theatre of India.

Martial Art Of Kerala

(Video credit : Kerala Tourism)

We went for a unique show of an Indian martial art called Kalaripayattu. This originated in Kerala and is supposed to be the oldest surviving martial art in India.

The Cuisine Of Kerala


From the cuisine of the Malabari Muslims in the North to the vegetarian dishes of the Hindu community to seafood preparations of the Syrian Christians, Kerala is surely a foodie’s delight.

Kerala During Monsoon

(Video credit : Kerala Tourism)

Kerala is full of warmth and welcoming throughout the year, but I still feel the magical rains of Kerala during the monsoon season will take you to another world altogether. The vibrant greenery all around, the wet paddy fields or the tea gardens soaked with showers from heaven are so refreshing. The pitter patter of the rains, the smell of the wet earth followed by the rainbow are some breathtaking moments of Kerala in monsoon.

Goodbye Kerala


Kerala, the land of coconut trees & paddy fields; backwaters & houseboats; folk dances & music; rain forests & wildlife; spices & ayurveda; mountains, valleys & beaches – it is indeed God’s Own Country.


See you soon next Friday, somewhere else. Until then, stay safe and keep smiling.

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