What Are The Secrets To Staying In Shape While Travelling?

I have been travelling all my life ever since I was a child. Right from booking tickets to packing bags to flying to exploring different parts of the country to tasting some exotic and unique flavours of the region – it has been a rollercoaster ride for me and I am still riding on. The only thing that was neglected in the process was my health. I would return from my trip all bloated with problems of indigestion.

Next came the punishment which I quite willingly inflicted on myself – avoided all kinds of get togethers lest I eat something unhealthy; went on crash diets and sometimes even restored to starvation. All this and much more made me lethargic with terrible mood swings and somehow the fun factor was missing from my life after each and every vacation. In fact I dreaded venturing out to say the least.

Well, after suffering for years together, I finally decided to take control of my life. It is but natural that as a travel blogger, I have to travel frequently and I possibly cannot kill my passion because of my poor health.

So, here are my discoveries to staying in shape while travelling.

Waking Up Early


Many of us are invariably fatigued during a trip. There could be so many reasons – a hectic schedule; a trip full of activities; travelling long distances etc. So, first and foremost would be to take control of our minds. I believe it is difficult to take care of our body without a healthy mind. So, waking up in the morning and strolling in the neighborhood or perhaps meditating or even chanting could help us declutter our minds. Imagine waking up early and sitting in the silence of nature. It is not only beautiful, but it also gives us time and clarity of thought to jot down our plans for the day in a diary so as to avoid confusion, stress and tension at the last minute.

Exercise before the trip


A healthy mind without a healthy body is of no use. We must have our exercise routine in place even while travelling. Many a time our trip is so hectic – we are constantly on the move exploring places, clicking pictures, talking to the locals and then we perpetually look for excuses to skip our exercise routine. So, the simplest way would be to exercise before leaving your hotel or tent. It could be a simple run, jog or walk in the neighborhood or perhaps you could indulge in some pushups, lunges and squats in your room or in a nearby park.

Choose fun activities while travelling


Earlier I would hop into a car; reach the airport; get into the aircraft; land & hop into another cab to reach the hotel; then hop into the next cab to explore the city or the countryside and finally return to the hotel to eat and sleep. What a boring way of travelling!! Over the years, I have learnt to enjoy slow travelling; going to offbeat places; exploring the countryside and indulging in activities as simple as walking; biking & hiking are other great options; not to miss out on similar fun activities like river rafting, surfing, scuba diving mountain climbing etc.

Eat Natural food


These days fruits and veggies are available in abundance all over the place. So, a great way to remain healthy would be to have fruits, a portion of veggies and some protein. Eat less of grain because our body takes time to digest grains and we definitely do not want to be sluggish while travelling. Another great option would be to carry our blender jar with us so as to indulge in some fresh vegetable juice while travelling.

Hydrate Yourself


Nothing like drinking clear, sparkling water. It will help our organs function properly and also keep our skin supple. Sodas, energy drinks or any kind of sugary liquids are to be avoided.

Avoid junk food & sugary items


It is best to avoid all kinds of bottled, canned & packaged items. Also, sugar is the devil. Therefore, these should be replaced by wholesome food like fresh fruits and veggies which will keep us fuller & fitter for a longer time.

Take the stairs

Young adult woman walking up the stairs with sun sport background.

It is better to use the stairs instead of the lift or the escalator. Definitely an easy way to boost your activity level.

Health Tips From The Expert


I feel truly blessed to have interviewed Sneha Shah, Head Nutritionist and Lifestyle Expert, Luke Coutinho Holistic Healing Systems. Here are her very useful tips on maintaining health while on the go. According to Sneha, we should first do a small research about the cuisine of the region we are visiting so that it becomes easy for us to choose healthier food items or dishes. We should focus on food items which are seasonal and local of that region. Also, one should opt for light, small frequent meals instead of large, heavy meals. Eating mindfully which takes care of our portion size is quite beneficial. It is also advisable to start a meal with soup or salad without any dressing. Any nauseating problem could be tackled by sipping lemon water or munching on citrus fruits. Carrying homemade granola bars, mixed nuts or jaggery laddus would make sure we don’t make unhealthy food choices. We should carry water in a stainless bottle and remain hydrated throughout the day. Last but not the least, a three hour gap must be maintained between our last meal and sleep.

Healthy Travelling


A dose of discipline, a handful of activities, clean eating habits, a calm mind and peaceful sleep are the key ingredients to a healthy, happy, and energetic vacation. Happy journey and see you soon.

/ Incredible India